“We’ve seen plenty of research that highlights the unending growth in security alerts, a widening cyber security skills gap, and the ensuing fatigue that is heaped upon understaffed security teams.  We conducted this study with ViB to dig deeper into these issues and find out how SOAR tools can leverage their unique position in the security landscape to solve these pressing problems.           Rishi Bhargava, Co-Founder and VP-Marketing, Demisto

Download Demisto's SOAR Report 2018 here


Security Industry Leader – Automated Incident Response Platform to Security Orchestration, Incident Management and Interactive Investigation.

Demisto is a long-term customer and great evangelist for what we do. Demisto reports that their annual State of the Industry Report is consistently among their highest Thought Leadership Awareness and Demand Gen content assets. Demisto-unique “ViB survey infused” content highlights challenges and trends –  raising awareness and educating decision makers and practitioners to advocate for the solutions they need to win.  (Download the Demisto Report Above)

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